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We are Dahling Goldens, located in Marietta, Georgia. We are a small hobby breeder, striving to produce quality goldens that maintain the AKC standard ( with sound bodies,wonderful temperaments, and a desire to work.


I raised dogs of many different breeds over the years, but golden retrievers have my heart. Goldens are unlike any other, they show their whole family an unbreakable, unconditional love. They try their hardest in all that they do and never complain. They truly are always up for an adventure and they live for spending time with their people.


Our puppies are raised in our home with our two human children following the Puppy Culture program ( We believe that early and appropriate socialization work with genetics to produce friendly, confident, and joyful puppies who are wonderful additions to your family.


The dogs we choose to breed are friendly, happy-go-lucky, smart, confident, and love their people. They are health tested with OFA clearances as recommended by the Golden Retriever Club of America (


In addition to being wonderful in the home, our adults actively compete in AKC and USDAA agility, dock diving, rally, barn hunt, trick dog, Fast CAT, and Canicross. Annie is currently working towards her first agility title. Jolt is still in training for agility, but we are hoping to be competition ready this winter! Jolt and I are also beginning training for the first half marathon we will run together, even though she has helped me train for several others. We always look forward to the summer and for dock diving season to begin. Jolt likes distance jumping while Annie prefers Air Retrieve. We recently competed in our 3rd U.S. Canine Biathlon where our team took second out of 127 teams! With all that we do, it is so important to us to keep our girls healthy and very fit. We need them in top condition to not only win, but to avoid injury. Fitness is a passion of mine and I do my best to show what a healthy golden retriever should look like. We believe training and competing are wonderful ways to strengthen the bond with you dog and would be happy to help you get started in any of these venues.


If you are interested in a puppy or future litters feel free to reach out to us through our contact page, or visit our facebook page to see what life is like for the Golden Girls!


We are also pleased to offer in-home boarding, dog walking services, and basic obedience training. We always enjoy having a full house!

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